Locust Grove Catholic 4

Locust Grove Catholic  Circa 1792

My friend and I were on an east Georgia ramble in 2012 when we saw (see the first picture) a lonely, stark but hauntingly beautiful church to our left… not more than 50-75 feet off the road.  The broom sedge and volunteer trees in the yard made it hard to get over to the steps for a  look.  A next door neighbor walked over and asked if we would like to see the inside.  Of course we accepted and he pulled some old keys from his pocket, turned the lock and opened the door for us to enter.  You can imagine our shock when the incredible sight above came into view.  This dilapidated, seemingly deserted church was dressed out as if a worship service or wedding was to take place that afternoon.  The above photograph captures our first look within the sanctuary of Locust Grove Catholic Church.  We later learned that the trusses for this roof are 33 feet at their bottom chord, maybe the largest such wooden trusses in the state. That is why the airy sanctuary is column free, quite a feat for its day.