About Historic Rural Churches of Georgia

Historic Rural Churches of Georgia is a non-commercial movement organized by a small group of like-minded and dedicated volunteers for the purpose of documenting some of Georgia’s most historic and dramatic rural churches.  By employing reverential and dramatic photography in combination with custom designed text, historic insights and appropriate links to other sources, we think we have found a unique way to capture some of the beauty and the associated history of each church community that we choose to feature.

Our purpose is twofold.  First of all we are hopeful that we can have a positive impact on preservation where it is needed.  Georgia is blessed with an abundance of these historic treasures, but many of them are in various states of distress and neglect.  We feel that if we properly present, and call attention to, some of the more dramatic historic churches we can bring these endangered landmarks to the attention of those who can and should take steps to see that they do not disappear forever.

Secondly, we feel there is a real need to create an online community where interested people can communicate and contribute to the local history surrounding these historic church communities.  Local history and all the wonderful stories that go with it can be difficult to locate.   There is still a lot of it out there but so much of it resides in dusty old places that have been almost forgotten.  It diminishes with each generational passing of local inhabitants and their descendants. Our goal is to create a “place” that people with connections to these historic communities and churches can come and interact.  Your support will help us do that.